Treo - Laboratory of Environmental Simulation and the Institute for Product Development and Mechanical Engineering Design (PKT) of Hamburg University of Technology have signed an exclusive cooperation agreement for the use of the hexapod, which is located in the TUHH building.

By integrating this unique test facility into the Quality Management System of Treo, it can also be used for qualification tests. The required test quality was therefore assured through audits.

The highly dynamic test facility is especially used for testing multiaxial loaded components and products, which are made out of fibre plastic composites, such as monuments from the aircraft cabin, CFRP fuselage shells and elastomer components. The six hydraulic cylinders accelerate with a force of 500 kN, even specimens which weigh several tons can be tested with up to six times gravity acceleration. All six axes can be driven force or position controlled. Therewith this test facility offers the ideal platform for the aviation relevant windmilling tests and for a wide range of individual product testing.