Treo has become a competent partner for numerous renowned manufacturers in the aviation and aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, energy technology, defense, rail and other industries.

With two specialized locations, Treo offers customers unique one-stop testing facilities.

The laboratory for environmental simulation in Hamburg enables us to carry out a variety of different test methods.

Among our basics are the classic environmental simulation tests like vibration and shock tests, climate and temperature tests, overpressure and low-pressure tests, salt mist tests and IP protection class tests. For these test methods, we provide our customers with test facilities in a number of different sizes. In addition, Treo is able to realize more complex test setups for mechanical endurance tests, combined tests and special tests according to customer requests.

In the modern test laboratory for electrical safety and EMC in Neumünster, Treo has a broad range of radiated and conducted test options, for example in an absorber hall and a shielded room.

Of course, the two locations, Hamburg and Neumünster, work closely together, so that we can offer you a variety of tests and test series from a single source.

Both laboratories are accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and have many years of experience and special know-how in their respective areas. This means that we can offer our customers not only the tests required for verification but also sound consultation on tests during the development stages. The high quality of the tests combined with a flexible schedule are standard for us. To achieve this, we strive to continuously develop further, so that we are always able to guarantee the best possible service for our customers.

Our corporate culture

In our interaction with each other both in our laboratories and in our offices we call each other by our first names using the familiar "du"-form. When working directly with customers and partners in the laboratory, we have noticed in the past that they, too, prefer the familiar approach and the "du". Often, it just happens on its own at some point. This is why, when you come to our laboratory in person, we offer to address you by your first name and with "du". Of course, we accept it if you don't want this and look forward to working with you - regardless of how we address each other.


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