Testing military equipment is one of the most sensitive business fields. On the one hand, the procedures are subject to the strictest secrecy regulations; on the other hand, the industry has very high requirements.

With us, you have an experienced and competent partner at your side. Treo is one of the top laboratories for defence testing in Germany. This is because we have worked in the industry for many years and also because our laboratories are particularly well equipped to meet the specific requirements.

Qualified tests for military security

On land, at sea or in the air: military equipment is used almost everywhere.

This also means that this equipment has to withstand a wide range of stresses. For example, the aircraft avionics, on-board electronics in ships or helicopter seats, but also sensor technology in mine detectors, medical equipment such as respirators, or radio signalling technology.

Climate testing for the defense industry

Everything that is used in the field and installed in equipment needs to be tested.

Environmental simulation is a key field for military applications, and many of these test procedures came from the defence sector. The industry started testing equipment very early on to see how it would react to environmental influences. Many years ago, we started specialising in these test procedures and have a lot of knowledge and experience.

In our modern laboratories, we use high-tech equipment to simulate special environmental influences very accurately and test how objects react to them. These influences can be vibrations and shocks, which we expose the material to on our shakers and vibrating tables. They can be extreme temperatures, which we generate in our climate chambers.

Or it could be corrosion resistance, which we test using the salt spray method in compliance with set standards. We can also perform solar radiation tests or tests to check the chemical resistance of components. In this way, we can cover and test almost all environmental influences.

Testing standards in defense & military

An exemplary selection:

  • MIL-STD 810
  • MIL-STD 461
  • MIL-STD 167
  • MIL-STD 127SE
  • AECTP 300
  • AECTP 400
  • AECTP 500
  • BV 0430
  • VG 95370
  • VG 95373
  • VG 96916

Another of our strengths in the military sector are our accredited EMC tests. In our state-of-the-art laboratory we can test the electromagnetic compatibility of parts and components such as telecommunications systems or radar equipment with high field strengths and frequencies. As an accredited defence testing laboratory, we comply with many test standards.

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