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    Material testing

    We evaluate the reaction of your material to various environmental conditions, for example during fire, corrosion, weathering, or chemical resistance tests.

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Material testing

We evaluate the reaction of your material to various environmental conditions, for example during fire, corrosion, weathering, or chemical resistance tests.

Therefore, the material tests are performed in a similar way to environmental tests: A sample is confronted with different external influences such as atmospheric conditions, corrosion, fire, and chemical load. These tests are carried out to see how a specific material reacts to the exposure and whether it is qualified for the intended operational area or not.

During the material tests, we expose your components or materials to conditions, that are most likely to have an effect on their surface. The engineers in our accredited testing laboratory are experts in their subject area and use their abilities to understand the structural and chemical properties of your material while applying the required test procedure.

Material testring: Chemical resistance

Chemical resistance testing

One of our central procedures is the chemical resistance testing. Using this procedure, we examine the impact of accidental and regular confrontation of surfaces by liquids. We analyse the interaction between materials and different chemicals to determine their impact in terms lifetime, durability, and strength of your product.

Material testing: Fire retardant

Fire-retardant tests

In fire-retardant tests your material or component will be tested to find out its features regarding fire safety. It will be tested how the material reacts to a flame that is defined by a specific standard. A positive result indicates the materials susceptibility against inadvertent inflammation and extreme overheating.

Material testing: Corrosion

Corrosion tests

Corrosion tests are an indispensable part of Treo’s testing range. By disposing a material to a wet and salty atmosphere its surface will be strained which can result in the formation of cracks and bubbles as well as its discoloration and delamination. Your products susceptibility against these conditions will be examined in this test field.

Material testing: Weathering

Weathering tests

Next to the extreme environmental influences also regular conditions can cause an effect on a materials durability. Our weathering tests take on this exact problem. We simulate different weather and climate influences to challenge your materials’ resistance against those influences. Unsing this procedure you will be able to evaluate which material is best suited for your destined purpose. The most dangerous strain in this realm is caused by UV-Rays, which we generate by using our Xenon chambers.

Material testing: Tension and compression

Tension and compression tests

We offer tension and compression tests to stress the mechanical characteristics of your component. Firmness and elasticity are important features of materials that need to be known for specific applications. Combined with other tests these help you to understand the effects of environmental influences on your material. They are also applicable for science and research purposes to define exact mechanical properties of a specific material composition.


In our materials test section we test plastics, metals, alloys, coatings, paints and many more. But the test spectrum is not limited to material samples, but also include components and product liens. Surfaces of all kinds which are exposed to chemical or environmental strains can be tested at Treo.

Working together closely with our clients, we first develop individual test series before executing them. We precisely ensure that the program matches your expectations and is carried out according to current standards. Our modern plants enable our specialised engineers to take on and overcome your challenges.

We as Treo understand how important it is to put materials and components to the acid test. We can confront your product with almost every common influence to help you understand the materials’ mechanical and structural properties in all its facets. Our dedicated team is always at your service to discuss your requirements and help you make the right decisions for your materials.
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