In the area of material testing, we examine the behavior of materials under normal and/or extreme operating conditions.

  • How will the material behave after an accidental or continuous fluid contamination during its service life?
  • Is your coating system capable of protecting the underlying material against aggressive atmospheres, including when defects or faults already exist?
  • Is it prone to crack formation, blistering, discoloration or delamination?


We evaluate the reaction of your material to various environmental conditions, for example during fire, corrosion, weathering, or chemical resistance tests.

We test for example the following materials: plastics | metals | coating systems | colors etc.

We develop and perform various test series according to your requirements in order to examine the majority of possible effects of various environmental conditions to which your material will likely be exposed.

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Dorothea Setsika, Dr.-Ing.
Head of Material Test Laboratory

Phone: +49 (0)40 709 73 76 - 12