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About us: Videos

Opening of the location Neumünster

One of the most modern EMC laboratories in Germany has been built in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein. What Treo has to offer its customers at the location Neumünster, why the close cooperation between the company and Treo is so important, and what advantages the state-of-the-art communications technology has for the test procedures.


The Hebelhalle at the Treo location in Neumünster makes an impression. It is twice as large as necessary - for the next growth steps. The building was constructed in a record time of four weeks and was built using a special construction method. What it's all about - and what opportunities the modern laboratory now opens up.

Load test of a railroad toilet

What loads can a railroad toilet withstand? 
Treo investigated and answered this question in three stages - with a function test, a continuous load test and a shock test. This also resulted in a portrait of the services provided by our test laboratory - exciting, interesting and entertaining.

Treo on TV: Report on Hamburg 1

As an accredited test laboratory, we have for many years been supporting the aviation industry with individual test concepts for the development of market-ready products. This position means that we are already familiar with the components that will be used in tomorrow’s aircraft. The Hamburg 1 TV team asked us to share our special view of the industry.