Fire retardant testing

Fire retardant testing

Inside electrical devices, faulty components can overheat and, in the worst case, ignite materials in their immediate vicinity that are not flame retardant. We employ the needle flame test, simulating the effect of small flames on the material to be tested, in order to assess the fire hazard.

If there are no corresponding certificates for the enclosure material, the needle flame test is required by classification societies, for instance, for type approvals of electronic devices with plastic enclosures.

Treo’s fire laboratory is equipped with flexible test setups, so that smaller components and material samples as well as larger enclosures can be tested according to the standards.

Take advantage of our options for approval tests or similar tests in the product development stages. Other fire tests are also available on request.

Exemplary standards and procedures:

  • IEC 60695-11-5 Test flames - Needle-flame test method
  • IACS E10 Test No. 21 Flame Retardant
  • DNV-CG-0339 Sec. 16.1 Flame-retardant test ​​​​
Fire retardant testing
Fire retardant testing
Fire retardant tests

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