Environmental simulation: Inclination test

Inclination tests are used when proof of the proper functioning of a device in various positions of operation has to be provided.

This is necessary particularly when gravity could affect the function of a component, such as in water systems, level sensors or more complex mechanical devices.

Depending on the later location of use, static or dynamic tests are carried out, during which for example wave movements also have to be simulated. Inclination tests are required for example by the classification societies for type approvals of equipment.

Treo’s environmental simulation laboratory is equipped with flexible test equipment so that both simple and complex test objects can be tested according to the standards.

The standards and procedures in this area include the following:

  • DNVGL-CG-0339 Inclination test
  • IACS E10 Test No. 8 Inclination
  • IEC 60092-504 Inclination steady, Inclination dynamic
  • Lloyd’s Register Type Approval System Test Specification Number 1 Inclination test – Dynamic, Inclination test – Static
  • Bureau Veritas Rules for the Classification of Steel Ships Part C - Ch. 3 Sect 6, Test No. 8 Inclinations
  • MEPC.107(49), Annex 13 Inclination test
  • 33 CFR Pt. 159 Rolling test
Treo Inclination tests
Till Schwermer, Head of Environmental Simulation Laboratory

Till Schwermer

Till Schwermer

Head of Environmental
Simulation Laboratory

Till Schwermer

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