Protecting people from electromagnetic fields (EMF) is clearly regulated in the rules of the employers’ liability insurance association and national laws. However, because the dangers posed by electromagnetic fields are invisible, many companies neglect this important issue in their occupational health and safety measures – and, in doing so, risk legal consequences. We measure and assess workplaces to detect and help avoid these risks. Potential risks can include, for example, the failure of a sensitive pacemaker while operating an electric forklift truck.

Obligation to provide evidence of EMF values

In principle, companies are not obliged to measure EMF levels. However, they are obliged to identify and prevent risks. In the event of injury to the health of an employee where the insurer concludes that electromagnetic exposure at the workplace has been the cause, the burden of proof lies with the employer.

If proof of compliance with the threshold levels cannot be provided, the employer will be liable for any damage, resulting in legal consequences and, not infrequently, financial claims. 

Our new EMF testing service supports you and helps you avoid this risk. Using innovative measurement technology and modern equipment, we examine the workplaces and production lines at your premises, identify electromagnetic fields and determine any potential hazards. If thresholds are exceeded, we can help you comply with regulations by defining safety distances and setting access restrictions (time limits and safety margins).

This service gives you legal certainty, compliance with occupational health and safety rules, and greater safety for your employees.

EMF tests at Treo

The threats can vary significantly. A light bulb, for example, is harmless because the current is too low. In contrast, the electromagnetic fields surrounding an industrial machine, capable of lifting several tons and operated with heavy current, can quickly exceed the threshold limits. These limits are defined in the 26th Federal Immission Control Ordinance and Regulation 15 of the German Statutory Accident Insurance. The first step to ensuring compliance is usually to establish safe distances.

Industrial wi-fi routers, for example, are often underestimated as a hazard: because they are much more powerful than the routers in homes, the electromagnetic field around them is also greater. We recommend that these devices are installed under the ceiling instead of on the floor, so that safety zones can be better maintained.

Many employees are concerned about the detrimental health effects of electromagnetic exposure, for instance through the operation of machinery in the production hall, by having a radio mast directly opposite their office window or being in proximity to a medium-voltage transformer that supplies the site with power. There is still a lack of sound research into whether and to what extent electromagnetic fields are harmful to health. What is certain, however, is that high exposure to these fields can interfere with sleep patterns. Many people fear that electromagnetic fields can lead to an increased risk of cancer, but this has not been proven. Knowing that the premises have been screened by experts can give employees a sense of security. 

Invest in the safety of your employees

With our new EMF testing service, our clients are not only investing in occupational safety, but also in the well-being and peace of mind of their employees. 

Regulations and guidelines

  • Sechsundzwanzigste Verordnung zur Durchführung des Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetzes (Verordnung über elektromagnetische Felder - 26. BImSchV)
  • DGUV Vorschrift 15 – Unfallverhütungsvorschrift Elektromagnetische Felder
  • RICHTLINIE 2013/35/EU DES EUROPÄISCHEN PARLAMENTS UND DES RATES vom 26. Juni 2013 über Mindestvorschriften zum Schutz von Sicherheit und Gesundheit der Arbeitnehmer vor der Gefährdung durch physikalische Einwirkungen (elektromagnetische Felder)

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