The disinfection resistance of materials is gaining more and more importance.


Disinfection resistance of materials is gaining more and more importance. 

A lot of different disinfection methods are carried out more frequently across all areas. Especially in the current situation, the importance of disinfection is increasing at formerly neglected applications. 

In addition to various liquid disinfectants, UVC radiation is now also used frequently. Use cases are e.g. public transport and locations, hotels and restaurants, work equipment and tools in the workplace, air conditioning and ventilation technology, etc. 

Hence manufacturers are facing new challenges: they have to ensure that both existing and new products can withstand the different disinfection methods. For new products disinfection resistance will become an important sales argument. 

Treo has been testing the disinfection resistance of materials for many years. In our material testing laboratory, we develop individual testing procedures together with our customers for the respective application based on the relevant standards. 

Benefit from our experience and let us ensure together that your materials are really resistant to disinfectants and UVC radiation. 


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